M-Audio ProKeys Stage PianoFor anyone new to digital keyboards, there are some subtle differences between the different types of keyboard available to you, so in this post we will be explaining those differences between the different types of piano keyboard available.

So whether you are searching for your first keyboard or looking to upgrade a current keyboard, this guide should help you on your search to finding your perfect keyboard.

Digital Pianos

A digital piano is a modern electronic musical instrument, more commonly known as an electronic keyboard, and produces its sounds using electronics. The digital piano is basically an alternative to the traditional piano, and by using electronic sounds, they not only sound, feel and look like a real piano, but other similar keyboard instruments too. In simple terms digital/electronic keyboards tend to have fewer sounds than synthesizers and are generally an electronic version of a real piano.


A synthesizer is an electronic instrument that is usally capable of producing a wide variety of sounds (sometimes hundreds) by generating electrical signals of different frequencies. Because synthesizers are often controlled by some sort of piano style keyboard, people often get confused as to the difference between the two.  The height of popularity of the synthesizer came in the 1980’s when a lot of pop music was written, produced and performed on synthesizers.

Music Workstations

A music workstation is also an electronic musical instument but typically has the capabilty for you to create, compose and record music all from the same unit (hence the name “workstation”). They are similar to synthersizers but with added capabilites, such as being able to create and record music via a sequencer.  In more simpler terms a music workstation is typically a computer with hardware and software designed to play electronic instrument sounds.

In Summary:-

One thing to bear in mind is that a lot of modern digital keyboards don’t tend to be just one specific type of keyboard or the other. As technology advances, you will find more and more keyboards that fall into one or more of the above types. However, by understanding the subtle differences between the types of electronic keyboards available to you, you will be more prepared when you next search for a keyboard.

When choosing a keyboard the following a basic guidelines should help: If you currently play the piano and want an affordable alternative, then consider a “Digital Piano”. If you want to create sounds from a variety of different musical instruments but also create and record your music, then consider a “Workstation”. And for experienced keyboard players, a “synthesizer” would probably make a good addition to someone with a workstation already, but wants to create even more sounds in additional to their current setup.

We hope this brief guide has helped you understand the difference between  types of digital keyboard.  Why not look at some more of our helpful information when you are next searching for a new keyboard.

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