Casio WK-200Welcome to our Casio WK-200 review. Here we will review the key features of the Casio WK-200 and highlight why this is proving to be a great keyboard.

As always we will not only consider the good points but will also point out any negative feedback that we have found during our research and the writing of the Casio WK-200 review.

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Our Casio WK-200 Review

So, no more of the chat let get straight into our Casio WK-200 review.

The Casio WK-200 personal keyboard is packed with lots of great features which we will cover below, and is an affordable option for anyone looking for a feature rich keyboard but in the budget price range. The wk 200 keyboard comes with 76-standard size keys that have two sensitivity levels, giving you a more piano like experience when playing.

For anyone who wants to get experimental and creative with different sounds the Casio WK 200 keyboard comes with 570 built in tones (for example tones such a strings, woodwinds and many many more). You can also layer two different tones together for great effects or split the keyboard down the middle for an ensemble approach. Along with this you can add depth and shimmer to your performance using the selection of 10 different reverb and 5 different chorus effects.

Casio WK-200 Personal Keyboard - top viewFor the beginners among you the Casio WK-200 comes with 152 songs built in, for your learning and enjoyment. The Casio WK-200 will help you master these songs with the in-built ‘Step Up Lessons’ feature. This feature will help you learn the songs by breaking them down into shorter parts (phrases), so when you master the phrases you master the song.

The USB port on the back of the keyboard allows you to connect to any computer and exchange MIDI data. In this day and age, many musicians use a computer as their music making centers. So the Casio WK 200 will allow you to send data from your keyboard to your computer (using some kind of music software), or send MIDI data from your computer to the keyboard allowing you to playback the sounds.Casio WK-200 Personal Keyboard - Editing and Controls

Other great feature we found when writing our Casio Wk-200 review are:-

  • Line-in and Mic Output so you can play along MP3, CD players or other devices
  • You can store your keyboard setups allowing you to recall them when you need them
  • Built in recorder for composing and playing you favourite songs
  • Auto Harmonize so you can automatically add harmony to the notes you play
  • One touch presets allowing you to set up the keyboard to match your currently selected rhythm
  • And much more…

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Our Casio WK 200 Review Summary

The Casio WK 200 keyboard is ideal for home personal use, but it is also suitable for education/classroom applications, studio use or even open-mic performances.

A few people have expressed a few minor disappointments with this keyboard; It doesn’t always come with a power supply so depending upon where you buy it you need to purchase this additionally. The Casio WK-200 doesn’t come with a standard MIDI input/output, however the USB port allows for easy exchange of MIDI data via a computer, but all in all these could be classed as minor irritations rather than real big issues with the model.

In summary, this is a fantastic keyboard that produces great sounds and at good quality too. It is a budget priced keyboard, but don’t let put you off until you have at least played and heard the Casio WK-200 for yourself. For the price, this feature rich keyboard is great value for the money.

We hope you enjoyed our Casio WK-200 review and for some more great customer reviews, click here

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