keyboard benchAre you looking for a new keyboard bench? Well, in this post we will be reviewing and discussing what to look for in a good keyboard bench.

Although choosing a bench may not be rocket science, we will discuss, based on our research, all the benefits and potential downsides to look out for when trying to choose the right bench for you.

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Do you need a keyboard bench?

A keyboard bench is one of those accessories that can easily be overlooked by many people, especially beginners. However, whether you are just starting out or a performer who plays for a living for long periods of time, a proper keyboard bench is an essential piece of kit.

You need to be comfortable to be able to play the keyboard correctly, and for long periods of time. A good bench can be adjusted to the correct height to suit you, so will help you to keep the correct playing posture and stop all those unwanted aches and pains that you could get from playing at an awkward position.

Now you know the main reason why you should strongly consider investing in a keyboard bench, lets look at what you should look out for before you buy.

What to look for in a keyboard bench

Here are a few points to consider when looking for your ideal bench:-

  • Comfort – Without stating the obvious, a bench needs to be comfortable. A comfortable bench will ensure ideal playing position, so look for benches that are made with good quality cushioned material.
  • Adjustable – Most keyboards benches will be adjustable to ensure you are playing at the right height for you. Maintaining the correct playing posture is essential for sustaining keyboard playing.
  • Sturdy Bench – A good keyboard beach needs to be sturdy, so only consider keyboard benches that are made from a heavy duty steel construction.
  • Non slip – Some benches come with none slip rubber end caps for the feet. These will prevent the bench from moving on slippery surfaces, or the like, while you are playing. For performers on the road this is a must.
  • Weight Restrictions – Always make sure that the bench can take your weight comfortably (250lbs is a typical weight for quality benches)
  • Storability – Some benches can be folded away for easy access and storage. If you are limited on space then consider this when buying a bench

What keyboard bench will you get?

On Stage KT7800 Plus Keyboard BenchChoosing a bench is not hard, but it is still important you ask yourself a few questions to fully understand your main reasons for choosing the right bench.

Will your bench just be set up in a fixed location in your house next your keyboard, so portability is not so important. Will you be regularly traveling to perform at gigs, so need a bench that’s easily folds away and convenient for all floor surfaces. Are you big boned, our polite way of saying slightly overweight, so require a sturdy bench that can take your weight. And so on…..

I hope we have given you a few good reasons why a bench is necessary, even if you are just starting out, and highlighted a few points worth considering before go out and buy the best bench that suits your particular needs.

Only you can decide which keyboard bench is right for you, so good luck.

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