Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard BenchWelcome to our Yamaha PKBB1 bench review, where we will highlight the pro’s and cons of this popular keyboard bench.

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Yamaha PKBB1 Bench Review

The Yamaha PKBB1 X-Style adjustable keyboard bench is one of Yamaha’s top selling benches due to a number of factors.

Not only is the Yamaha PKBB1 a great looking bench, but the soft and ultra-thick padding on the seating area and the extra-wide seat, will make playing your keyboard the ultimate comfortable experience.

The steel construction makes the Yamaha PKBB1 a good study bench and it can also be adjusted to 3 different heights (from 17.5 inches to 19.5 inches), and it can hold up to 300lbs.

The Yamaha PKBB1 bench can also be folded down for easy storage or for easy transfer from gig to gig with any portable keyboard.

Customer Feedback

When researching products, we always like to highlight what other people are saying, whether good or bad, so lets have a look at what others have been saying about the Yamaha PKBB1 keyboard stand.

Some people have commented that it is not the easiest bench to adjust and it could be a bit simpler, so if you are going to be constantly puting your bench up and down, you may want to try the adjustment for yourself before you buy.

A number of customers have also found the full height of the bench to be not high enough. This is obviously a matter of opinion, so if you are taller than the average person, make sure you find out if this bench is for you.

Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard Summary

So there you have it. There is not more else we can say about the Yamaha PKBB1 keyboard bench. It does what is does so it really comes down to personal preference.

The general consensus we found during our research is is a good value purchase for the price. A bench is what it is so only you can decide if the Yamaha PKBB1 is the right bench for you.

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