Yamaha YPG-635Welcome to our Yamaha YPG-635 review. Here we will be looking at some of the key features of the Yamaha YPG-635 and what makes it such a great instrument.

Our review will highlight some the benefits of the Yamaha YPG-635 but we will also give thought to some of the common but not so positive points we have picked up during our research, which should help you decide if this piano keyboard is for you or not.

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Our Yamaha YPG-635 Review

So here we go, let get straight into our Yamaha YPG-635 review:-

The Yamaha YPG-635 is an 88-key portable grand piano, where the keys have a heavier like touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, giving it the feel and sound of a real piano, but on the more affordable side.

One of the more noticeable features of the Yamaha YPG-635 is the central display that can be used for viewing lyrics, chords and musical notations. So as you play a song, the display will automatically scroll through the chords or the lyrics to the song.

The inbuilt Yamaha Education Suite gives the user the capability to learn to play songs.  The lessons separate the songs into right hand and left hand parts, for greater advanced learning. This is a great feature for beginners or even intermediate players, and the different learning modes should help you become a more seasoned player if you so wish.

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The Yamaha YPG-635 is equipped with many tools that make it very user friendly and easy to use; allowing you to set the keyboard up just the way you like it by saving your preferred setting to the memory.

If you are into your digital sound effects, Yamaha, themselves, have took full advantage of their leadership in this field and incorporated into this keyboard an extensive range of top quality reverb effects that simulate playing in different environments.

Other features our Yamaha YPG-635 review discovered were:-

  • Two USB ports allowing you to record and play back MIDI files, as well as save tracks
  • 30 built-in songs plus 70 more on included CD-ROM for you to learn to play using the Yamaha Education Suite
  • Digital signal processing for enhanced sound
  • Two-way stereo speaker system
  • Decorative wooden stand, PA150 adapter, and sustain pedal included
  • and much more

For a more detailed description of the features and specification detials of the Yamaha YPG-635, click here

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Our Yamaha YPG-635 Review summary

The Yamaha YPG-635 is a affordable alternative to investing in a real piano, and its portability make it it idea for home use. Some customers have commented that the size of the display is a little on the small side and others have commented that the maximum volume is not as loud as they would like, but that really comes down to personal preference. Like any keyboard you consider, the features are down to personal choice.

All in all the Yamaha YPG-635 is excellent value for money.  The general consensus is that the good points of the keyboard far out way the compromises that you may find against alternative models.  The sound is good and the combination of features and its usability make the Yamaha YPG-635 well worth the price.

We hope you enjoyed our Yamaha YPG-635 review. For more customer reviews and feedback click here. Or to see our review of the Yamaha DGX 640

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